Does weight loss shrink lipomas?

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lumpy jo
Does weight loss shrink lipomas?

I am 49 and noticed first one in late 30's.  It was removed during RNY when I was 40.  Now I have atleast 100 if not more.  Since RNY 9 yrs ago, I have gained back 60 lbs of the 100 lbs I lost.  These lumps are very depressing and make me feel "what's the use of losing weight...the lumps will just be more visible".

Is this true?  Are lumps more visible if you lose weight?  I would guess if they are, it would be easier to have surgery to remove them...right?  If anyone has the answer, please let me know.  Right now I have no motivation to lose weight because I feel my lumps are "hidden" by the extra padding.  But if I knew the lumps would shrink if I lost the extra weight....that would be extra motivation.

Lumpy in Texas

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To the original poster.  Yes

To the original poster.  Yes lipomas do shrink a very little bit when you lose weight.   But not very much.  In general, lipomas are far more responsive to weight gain than weight loss.   So repeatedly losing and gaining weight can make the lipomas bigger even if you are losing weight overall.    Also, recent science has shown that your body "knows" exactly how many fat cells it has, and it has a "memory" that makes it want to maintain that same number and size of your current fat cells.   This is why "crash dieting" and surgical options like liposuction don't work very well.  The body will quickly regrow the lost cells after surgery, and even "wants" to fill up back to their old size.   That being said, surgically removed lipomas stay gone in most cases.

If you do lose weight again, go slowly so you can retrain the "memory" of your fat cells.  Try to be as consistent as possible during the weight loss program.  Avoid the "yo-yo" effect as much as possible, and exercise to reduce muscle shrinkage associated with dieting.  Your muscle mass contributes to your base metabolism (ie how many calories you burn just by being alive), so losing muscle makes it easier to gain fat weight.

I suspect that one reason why weightlifters seem to grow lipomas more rapidly is because that specific type of exercise causes hormone spikes that create mini "yo-yo" cycles.   In fact, most muscle builing programs are designed to take advantage of these hormone cycling that oscillates between fat & muscle growth (anabolism) and focused aerobic fat burning (lipolytic catabolism).   The poster above who suggested aerobic exercise to help avoid lipoma growth and formation had the right idea.  Fat burning exercise like running gives the fat in your body something to do other forming and growing lipomas.   Generally speaking, weight lifters aren't in the best aerobic shape, since they spend the bulk of their time on anaerobic exericise and tend to ignore or go too light on aerobics.

i don't know that losing

i don't know that losing weight will shrink tumors that already exist, but in my experience there are still benefits to exercising.  For one exercize helps your body deal with the chemical manifestations of stress.  Since I've started running I haven't seen new ones develop and the ones I do have hurt less.

I also feel like if I can go to the doctor and say I am eating right and exercising they are less likely to cop out and blame symptoms I have on other conditions like obesity

Hello...I know exactly how

Hello...I know exactly how you feel...Several years ago when I had around 60 lipomas removed I was lifting weights and I would say in the best shape of my life.I was asking the doc questions  and he mentioned he removed a couple from someone who was a bodybuilder for beauty purposes, you might say, because they do all the poses for show.That made me lose inspiration to continue lifting weights, after all, whats the sense of having a nice buff body with lumps all over it?UGH!

My son has them also and he is very thin...and I am not thin but certainly not overweight.Im not trying to discourage you but just telling you my experience and I would suggest to lose weight if you need to for health reasons other than lipomas.At least you will feeland look better.

Take care and good luck!

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