Is Lipoma caused by your diet?

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Is Lipoma caused by your diet?

Does anyone know if Lipoma's are caused by certain foods in your diet?

Is there anyone out there that has Lipoma's and doesn't eat or drink the following:



Dairy products

Is anyone a vegetarian?





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Nafisah Ahmad
I wish to know d outcome
I wish to know d outcome after u hv used d chickweed lotion. Did it help?
Nafisah Ahmad
What is Dmso n sski?
What is Dmso n sski?
still going strong on no dairy.
Just wanted to update and say that i still have no new lipomas on a very low/limited dairy diet. The ones i have are still there and do not appear to be shrinking but i have not had any new growth in years. I wish somebody would try this and see how it works for them. If i must drink milk, i choose almond milk. No ice cream, yogurt, cheese. If you must have something with dairy in it, choose the option with non-fat milk. If you eat cheese, make it somewhat rare like once every week or two. Good luck.
Lipoma is definitely a liver
Lipoma is definitely a liver problem. Candida ablicans is also a liver problem. I believe everyone who has lipoma, also has an overgrowth of fungus in their intestinal tract. I have noticed my first lipomas about 8 months ago, when I was constipated for a long time, sometimes I had blood in my stools and it was really hard to make the bowel movements. I have started anti candida diet 2 weeks ago and the lipomas started shrinking. After two weeks of completely clean diet (only eating broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, onions, garlic, turmeric, avocado, olive oil, eggs, chicken breast, buckwheat, natural youghurt with Lactobacillus acidophilus and other live bacteria, which is good for your gut flora, kefir, cooking on coconut oil, cinnamon, asparagus, tomatoes, flax seed oil, apple cider vinegar (Organic, Raw, Unfiltered). All of these foods that boosts the liver function. I felt much better and then I ate oven baked potatoes, after 3 hours i felt like shit, my fingers became yellow/orange (jaundice), which ment my liver was fucked up, and I fed the fungi in my intestinal tract by eating potatoe. The next few days my lipomas enlarged again, because a lot of toxins have been realesed since I fed my bad gut flora. I drank huge amounts of vitamin c and had no diarhea, which is a sign of vitamin c overdose. This ment that all the vitamin c has been used to help my liver to flush out the toxins. Or its not even absorbed because of the fungi in my gastrointestinal tract. I will keep eating the candida diet listed foods and I strongly believe this will get rid of lipomas. Im also planning of doing a liver flush. P.S. Forgot to mention that Im also using anti fungal supplements, like grapefruit seed extract, Pau d Arco tea, Oregano oil capsules, apple cider vinegar, taking probiotics.
Soy is on the list of the most allergenic, goitergenic, and toxic foods. Actually calling soy a food is a stretch. Most soy is genetically modified,increases estrogen and I would suggest you remove this franken food from your diet immediately. Check out, he has on his website a lot of studies about the dangers of consuming soy.
Do you know of any studies that have been done on lipomas i could not find any.
A lot of people smoke and don't have cancer either.
Very interesting Laura. It could not necessarily be all omega 6 but conola, which has been sold as food for some time. It was originally cultivated for machine oil and mustard gass. Whole foods uses lots of canola oil in their products. Previously it obviously caused knee pain. The other problem with oils is that they are very sensitive and break down if they are irradiated and become very toxic. Most oils are irradiated just going through the boarder. Some top nutrition companies ship their oils in special containers to avoid this problem. Companies like Whole foods couldn't care less. I have always taken omega 3 suppliments and just got sick of it. I developed my lipomas recently, the only thing that was different in that time is that I had stoped supplimentation of omega 3s and adaptogenic (correct cortisol imbalances) herbs. I also began a very intense exercise program during that time. As someone that has studied some functional medicine for extra credits. That was not a good idea. One of the first things to do with the patient is balance fatty acids and correct adrenal disfunction (cause of cortisol imbalances). Shame on me.
So after about a year and a half my lipomas have not grown, nor have I gotten any new ones. I rarely drink alcohol but the main thing I have cut out of my diet is dairy. I still eat it on occasion but I'm much more aware of how much I eat. No milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt...etc. Because cheese is in everything, it may be hard to cut out completely but it's very easy to cut way back. I think lipomas have something to do with milkfat as I have thought this for years and nothing has shown me otherwise. I'm going to continue this because it seems to be working thus far and I don't want anymore bumps! At this point, I'm pretty certain it is diet related but some of us may have some sort of genetic predisposition to getting them by the way our body processes fat. a
I first noticed my lipomas on my forearm when I was 14. I was skinny and healthy. I didn't eat much, and certainly no alcohol and not much chocolate. However I did like candy! I was also a runner. I do know my dad and his dad have lipomas too. I had all my kids in my 20's and my lipomas grew a lot during those pregnancies. After my first 2 pregnancies I had about 5 or 6 removed each time. I let it go after my 3rd and the things grew like gang busters after that. I'm in my mid 40's now and just went under to have 56 removed. Also, I've been pretty thin my whole adult life too. Here's where my thinking is at right now. I think there probably is a genetic disposition for most of us. I don't think certain foods per se cause lipomas, because I didn't really start eating chocolate and drinking wine till I was done with having kids and in my mid 30's. And I've heard menopause can cause a lot to grow. So, I think there's a strong hormonal influence. I understand womens hormones much better than mens. But that would explain to me getting them after puberty and during each pregnancy. And I think sugar influences our hormones too? Like I said its just a hypothesis. Also, I think lipomas beget lipomas. I feel like when I have one growing, there are little off shoots that develop as well and its like they make babies. Hence, why I had A LOT of them removed recently- I wanted a clean slate! Yes, I have a lot of scars now on my forearms arms and thighs, but its worth it and my family loves me for me. Also, my scars tend to heal pretty well. If a Dr. is good, I think when they excise them, it can be for good. I've only had 1 'grow back' but I think it was because the doc didn't get it all out good enough. I love the anti-inflammation and anti tumor theories/practices too. I'm still looking into that. I've been a low fat vegan now for 4 years, initially to keep my cholesterol down and it helped with a lot of other things too, but I'm wondering if it will help me get through menopause by keeping my hormones from fluctuating too much and without having a lipoma outburst. (my diet is that explained by Drs. Esselstyn, Fuhrman, & Mc Dougall) I'm also keeping a tight reign on my sugar intake. Does lifting weights do anything to hormones? I notice thin people tend to get a lot of them and its becoming way more common or else people are just better at sharing now (thank you internet!). My child wants to be a dermatologist. Maybe she'll be a research leader on this cause! :P The last thing I want to share is that even though I'm plagued with hundreds of lipomas and I might think others notice them and judge, they really aren't, for the most part, and the ones are, aren't worth it. I have a lovely life and I choose to keep most of my focus on that. God, friends, and family bring so much joy and love to my heart and I hope that as we are all on the path to help each other find a cure we don't forget to love life (and yourself!) along the way. Sorry this is long!
Please excuse my previous posts. I'm sorry. Best wishes to all. :)
right action
Lipoman, please don't leave!
I think you have uncovered some great things in your research. What you mention fits what I'm doing with my ayurvedic diet, where I avoid nuts but eat sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds mostly. Also, use olive oil myself and stay away from other ones. In Ayurveda, fitting with other posts here, my practitioner's opinion is that my liver is weak and needs support; also, I have used castor oil and noticed some improvement (never know if it's wishful thinking, of course). One never, as Suzanne states, can be entirely sure of what really works because this is anecdotal evidence. But, since lipomas have not been studied extensively, we need to rely on each other's experiences for some guidelines. Lastly, I find it interesting that Suzanne has warned us about anecdotal evidence and post-hoc fallacy, suggesting we not leap to conclusions or make faulty leaps of logic. It would be better if she took her own advice regarding jumping to the conclusion that you are a spammer based merely on the fact that you just joined the forum.
"Spam" allegation
In good faith, I posted, verbatim, a report attributed to a presumably reputable source. Having followed "Suzanne"'s instruction to "Google 1857", I discovered a medical abstract ( which identifies 1857, not 1909, as the year in which "multiple lipomatosis" was first identified. So, are readers to conclude, on the basis of a disagreement about the syndrome identification date, that my entire posting or that which I cited as one worth reviewing is "spam"? If that's the case, a leap of logic is entailed, on two counts: 1. The two conflicting reports may be based on different geographical data; moreover, since the Ohio State University report states "we see no evidence to support lipomas occurring in people until after plant oil was introduced in the diet in 1909", it may be that the "1857" abstract cited was unfamiliar to Dr. Aukerman and his researchers. That error doesn't make my posting or Dr. Aukerman's "spam", even if we discount the possibility that Dr. Aukerman's "1909" claim is based on and limited to a specific geographical region, outside that of the "1857" database. 2. How do we jump from the premise that the date cited in the Ohio State University report is wrong to the conclusion that my posting is "spam", rather than merely mistaken in one, relatively minor, historical detail, rather than with respect to etiology. It is as unreasonable (and logically fallacious) to jump to that conclusion as it would be for me to conclude that the "spam" alert was posted by a plant-oil corporation troll. Anyway, I've said all I have to say about the issue of lipomas on this forum. I've written to Dr. Aukerman (whose existence, credentials and contact information I vetted, since I have multiple lipomatosis) and will see whether I get a spam reply (knowing that I haven't spammed myself).
Incorrect info from lipoman
"We see no evidence to support lipomas occurring in people until after plant oil was introduced in the diet in 1909"? Incorrect. Google "lipoma 1857".

Lipoman - Member for 8 hours 37 min

This forum really needs a "report spam" button.

Role of excessive omega-6, plant oils in etiology of lipomas
DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical practitioner. Before making any dietary or other changes, consult a qualified medical expert or center (like the one cited below) or do your own research. Suspecting a dietary connection in the etiology of my lipomas, I did some investigating and recently found the following expert opinion, pasted here, below my own comments. The report confirmed my own suspicions that my own lipomas had as a causative or exacerbating factor an excessive intake years ago of omega-6 and other polyunsaturated fatty acids in the form of cheap over-processed commercial supermarket oils, such as safflower, sunflower, canola and peanut oil. Apparently, omega-6 is tumorogenic (causes tumors) through its highly inflammatory action. Omega-3, on the other hand, is apparently not inflammatory, but is dwarfed by the omega-6 amounts in the aforementioned oils. I suspect that the adverse effects of these oils are compounded by frying, which, of course, alters their molecular structure. Fried or not, these plant oils are cited as a likely culprit in the etiology of lipomas (my layman's impression, from what I've read, being that the syndrome is most pronounced in those genetically predisposed to lipoma through mitochondrial lipid metabolism abnormalities or exposed to local tissue trauma---as I was in some instances in karate sparring. This suggests that as a minimum, omega-6 and possibly other plant oils act "epigenetically", i.e., as external factors triggering genetically-based predispositions, e.g., to form lipomas). Check your intake of omega-6 very carefully. Presumably, we require about 3 to 6 grams of it per day. I was shocked to discover that many kinds of nuts contain up to 35 grams per 100 grams of nuts! For omega-6 content of foods, Google "self nutrition data omega-6 sources". It provides a complete list, in descending order of concentration. Otherwise, some experts recommend using only extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil and NEVER FRYING WITH OR OTHERWISE HEATING IT. Anyway, that's the only oil I use now, adding it to my foods AFTER I've cooked them. As I've indicated, I'm only a layman. But here is an expert opinion, posted in 2008 by Dr. Glen Aukerman, M.D., of the Ohio State University Center for Integrative Medicine--- Read it carefully. Then read it again: "According to our research at The Ohio State University Center for Integrative Medicine ( ), most lipomas develop in people on high plant oil diets. We see no evidence to support lipomas occurring in people until after plant oil was introduced in the diet in 1909. This increased omega-6 plant oil consumption leads to the bone marrow producing excess monocyte cell types which reflect the plant oil toxicity on all tissues in the body, including the fat which develops the lipomas. You will need to see if your monocyte count on your CBC, differential blood count is greater than 3.5% so ask your doctor for your results. To see how much plant oil is in your diet, go to and learn the heart attack risk from the plant oil in your diet which translates to the lipoma's growth rate. To see how to reduce this in your meal planning and shopping, go to and search for foods low in omega-6 plant oil and high in omega-3 DHA and EPA. To see the programming for self / group Nutrigenomic Education at The Ohio State University Center for Integrative Medicine, go to and refer to the class schedules. Call Laura Kunze, Center Coordinator, at 614-293-9777 for more specific information needs."
I think anything bad for your liver is bad for lipoma. Now for this epic debate: poor liver is both inherited(genetic) and/or created by diet and lifestyle. It is definitely connected to diet, but there is more to it, right? Right now I use DMSO and sski and castor oil and msm. It works well on small ones but mine is good sized so it makes it softer and takes the pain out when I eat foods that cause inflamation. After I studied lipoma because of my big one I got two more from injuries which were gone within a month. I think I could help lots of people with the small ones from injuries, but big ones are different. They have fortified themselves somewhat.
mattscarrock's picture
Hi all! I don't think any
Hi all! I don't think any food can induce to lipoma formation. That being said I do believe that it can contribute to lipomas and to the formation of new ones. This is because by eating food that is causing you inflammation is probably weakening your immune system. I would limit all foods that are not natural for us. And by us I mean humans in the stone age since our bodies haven't really evolved since that. We didn't have too much of crops back then nor did we drink lot of milk in later years. We didn't eat as much sugar and drink alcohol. All food was pretty much raw. I also think that the foods at the time were more enriched with vitamins since nowadays we produce highly synthetic foods with rapid pace. This has got to have an effect to the food products. I mean we pick up apples, bananas and other fruits from the trees as they are still raw as well as feed processed foods to the cattle so that it would grow as fast as possible and with minimal cost. So yes, I do believe food can be a part of the problem and by taking some quality extra supplements you may be able to prevent new lipomas from forming and slow down the growth of the existing ones.
Lipoma Board is a forum and community offering information, alternative treatments, resources and support concerning lipomas, lipomatosis and other related conditions. Surgery shouldn't be the only option!
I am no longer certain that
I am no longer certain that dairy is the cause of lipomas.
Genetic maybe - hereditary no.
I'm also the only person in my family tree who has Lipomas. I dont drink much alcohol - only a few wines once a month, maybe less. I dont eat much chocolate. I excersise regularly - both cardio and weight training. They continue to grow. I am 31 and was managing to accept them and wasnt overly bothered anymore but I just got my first one in my neck and its really playing on my mind a lot. It seems to be developing quickly. I am going to try substituting tea/coffee for mineral water and avoiding dairy and I'll come back on if it shows any signs of helping my lipomas (or at least stall their growth). Also a lot of people have commented that they have had their lipomas removed - can I ask if you are in UK and was it on NHS or are you USA/private medical patients? I have been to my GP but she said there is nothing that can be done and that nothing is known about them other than being genetic.
Paleo/gluten free, one lipoma gone.
I don't want to give anyone false hope, as mine are not nearly as bad as some of you. With that said... For the past six months, I've been doing the paleo living thing and on a gluten free diet by direction of my doctor for a different issue (acid reflux). Most of my lipomas have reduced somewhat, no new ones have grown. However, one on my forearm, about the size of a marble has completely vanished. Strange, but I didn't really notice it getting smaller along the way, just noticed last week that it was gone. I named it Carl, and I don't think I will miss him much. I told my doctor about it, but she doesn't seem impressed, but then she doesn't seem too concerned about my lipomas anyhow. She related to me that her dog has them and her vet isn't worried. I wonder if they went to the same medical school.
Post Hoc Fallacy
Post Hoc Fallacy. We are less likely to commit this fallacy if we learn about it.
anecdotal evidence
Yes. And your point?
Learn about anecdotal evidence :)
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I eat chocolate, dairy products, and alcohol BUT I do not eat dark meat. I pretty much only eat Chicken and some sea food.
Is Lipoma caused by diet?
I truly believe the answer is YES. I developed a large bump on my lower back many years ago and just dealt with it calling it my "fat bump". Since then I have developed a few more on my forearms, abs and rib area. I am very fit and active, in fact I weigh a measly 175lbs and stand 6'4". The only fat on my body are these bumps. Every doctor I asked about them said "it's genetic" and "they are just fatty bumps, no big deal". These bumps are in no way genetic because nobody in any of my family, extended family or anyone I know or have ever met has them. Perhaps the way the body deals with certain substances is genetic and some people are more prone to develop them than others, but I know there is something else causing them. I am very aware of my body and how certain foods affect my weight, energy level and feeling overall and I seemed to remember a period of no bump growth when I was eating very little to no ice cream. I LOVE ice cream and ate it all the time without any concern most of the time. That was my first clue that there may be some relationship between the bumps and my diet. Recently, I was reading an article talking about how eating cheese causes increased cellulite development in women. Bingo! I think we may be on to something. What do ice cream and cheese have in common? They are both dairy. And both of the problems encountered involve fat storage. It seems my body may have issues with digesting dairy, especially in large amounts. I recently saw another doctor and asked her what she thought of this possible idea, and she said it made logical sense. She also suggested I eat more dark leafy greens to increase some vitamin(don't remember specifically). I decided to cut almost all dairy out of my diet, although it is very hard to cut out dairy completely since cheese is literally in everything. Having a slice of pizza every now and again is pretty much all of the dairy I consume. I figured I must be eating waaaay to much cheese(dairy)and my body doesn't know how to react to the excessive intake. Since changing my diet I have not noticed an increase in any of my established bumps, nor have I witnessed growth of any new ones. I am clearly still experimenting on my own body because nobody has been able to help me and won't have any conclusions until many years have passed, but I think it's a start. For those who are desperate and looking for an answer, this is the path I have chosen and I have hope it will eventually prove to be the right one. Once I have figured out how to stop these little buggers from multiplying, I can deal with the ones I already have. My suggestion is to stop consuming dairy. I hope this helps... Jeff
Lipoma question
Hi, I am 25 years old and recently discovered a large growth on my upper breast. I was of course nervous. I went into the doc the next day and he informed me it was a lipoma. I also had an ultrasound where they couldn't see it (they said thats normal since its right under the skin) but were sure that's what it is. I am a little hesitant, here are my reasons why. 1.I dont know of anyone in my family who has had one. 2.All the research Ive done says they are are generally slow to grow, normally small, soft or squishy and move around on the skin. I've also read its more common in ppl who are in in their 40, 50 and 60's. Mine is none of these. It seemed to appear overnight. Its large (I would say its larger than a golf ball that's cut in half.) I'm a small framed person and so this lump currently sticks out farther then my breast from my chest. 3.Its also not soft or squishy (its very hard) and it doesn't move around- its solid. I'm just feeling like everything I read about that outlines what a lipoma is and how you get them isn't at all what I'm experiencing. Any advice or suggestions would you helpful. Thank you!
diet, magnesium and coloboma
I have had lipomas all my life and have had many removed in my arms and the scars to prove it. I dont eat chocolate or consume any alcohol and not too much dairy. I started to eat a Mediterranean diet about 4 years ago eating the best quality meat and vegetables that i can buy. I found by accident in talking to a nutritionist on line that i should eat 1500 milligrams of Magnesium a day. He thought i had a magnesium deficiency and i noticed that my lipomas have gone from a bubble gum size to a bean or pea size. i noticed them reducing in about one week and if i miss my magnesium they all start to grow. I probably have them through out my body but the majority of them are on my lower arms. I am 65 years old and am 5'6 and weigh about 125 lbs. I also have a coloboma in my right eye...if you dont have one you will not know what it is. i just thought i would disclose that too just in case someone has the same problem and they are in some way connected.
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my story.
I'm new to this, I ran across this forum and couldn't be more thrilled to have some place to go and have people understand my problems. I am 21 years old and going into my senior year of college. I have been dealing with lipomatosis since I was in 6th grade, so that would put me at 11 years old when this started. I have had over 20 surgeries in the past 10 years for the lipomas. I have had between 4 to 500 surgically extracted. Mine tend to grow mostly on my trunk(stomach & back) but recently my underarms have become a site of growth, as well as my chest. I have been fortunate enough to not have them grow on arms or legs, although i believe smaller ones have started to appear, i just have not had them confirmed. In the last surgery experience i had one the size of a large golf ball was removed from my neck, first one ever there. Also when i was in my junior year of high school i had a tumor the size of a softball growing inside my organs, which I had removed laproscopicly. I struggle with this each and every single day... things i cant control and the terrible body image that I have of myself. My parents even went so far as to get me a plastic surgeon who performed a tummy tuck on me after removing hundreds in a 4 hour time span while i was a sophomore in high school. Yes it helped and helped the way I perceived myself but not to the extent that I wished, I still had many more. I had the same surgery 4 times, being cut from one hip to the other. I feel like a terrible person for feeling bad for myself because some people have life threatening problems and i get by with just a "deformation." I try to enjoy life but I love being on the water and when I put myself in a bathing suit I subject myself to ridicule, judgments, and humiliation when people look at me like I just robbed a bank simply because I have the scars and the lumps. I struggle with the thoughts that no man will ever love me the way I want to be loved. Does anyone have any advice for me? Would you recommend seeing a body image therapist? I just cant live with the thought that they will continue to grow until I pass, I just can not cope with that and I feel like I am fighting a never ending battle.
How are you doing now?
I wonder how you are doing. I would not worry about the number of lipoma nodes you have (though I did years ago, because I feared they would continue to grow and grow endlessly, and spread and spread). The big concern is the your quality of life. Are you in pain all the time, or just when new lipomas first start? The nodes are self limiting (they tend to peak at pea size, but cluster in groups around joints, knees and elbows over time, giving the impression of a larger tumor). If you are not in pain most of the day, and you can reduce your inflammation, you are doing great, and this disease isn't going to ruin your life. Please don't worry.
Hi, I'm 19 and first started
Hi, I'm 19 and first started getting them about two-three years ago. I now have about ten, rather small ones. I've been vegetarian all my life. Never drank alcohol. Don't drink coffee. Am rather doubtful that it has to do with diet. Only thing that's changed particularly is perhaps an increase in soy consumption? I've been drinking more Silk soy milk and eating more tofu. Thoughts?
If there is any evidence to support your claims, I would love to read it. **The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. -Dr. Carl Sagan**
zhb msd
It is really serious matter,
It is really serious matter, 1 out of 100 peoples are suffering from this diseases and still no hope and no cause identified yet.
I am lypoma patient and having lot of lypomas in my body. You can not imagine how much hate I feel when I see my body. But this hate is lot more then reading your ridiculous answer, so i am not bothering your answer.
Before invention of airplane, imagine how people laugh when they were told that one day human will be flying in air.
I am not a doctor and don't know what medical terminology i should use: white rubbery chicken meat = white soft bone on leg piece (articular cartilage bone) this soft bone contains fatty tissue and develop fatty fats in our body.
You can google it that animals also have lypoma disease.
I thing no human got lypoma since his birth, Imagine why normal healthy man develop lypoma with age...if he eat lypomas suffered animal (like goat, pig, etc) then there are chances to transfer this disease from infected animal to normal human.
I mean to say masterbation because it develop certain chemical in mind which send some signal to body to develop fatty cells. As compared to sex, masterbation is dull exercise and most body part does not take part in motion.
Every research start with some hypothesis. some proof true and some proof false. but all possible hypothesis must be proof.
That's what i want from lypoma medical community.
OMG... white rubbery chicken meat? Transferred from goats with lipomas? MASTERBATION?!? LOL!!! Seriously??? Thanks for the laughs. I almost peed my pants, hahahahaha.
zhb msd
Possible causes of lypoma
Not sure, I think following might be the causes of lypoma: 1- lypomas caused by eating white rubbery chicken/goat meat/boan 2- Lypomas are transferred to human from eating lympma suffered goat meat. 3- It happens to peoples whose body is more sensitive to sexual touch. 4- Masterbation This needs to be confirmed by other lypoma patients or by researchers
Nerve Damage
I think they are more than likely genetic even though I am the only person in my family's history to develop them. Perhaps something environmental triggers gene mutation, who knows. (Nobody).
My Doctor says that they are
My Doctor says that they are genetic. I got my first one at 15 and had it removed when I was 17. It was on my forearm. By 21 I had 2 more on my Stomach. I had those removed at the same time. It was 1999. I had those done for free by a teaching hospital and it was performed by 2 doctors. They missed a piece of one but It does not bother me and has never gotten bigger. Now I am 34 and I just had 10 removed all under local. There was light pain the 1st few days after but tolerable. So I have none now but I believe I will get more as such was always the case. Here is what I think They tend to block circulation and press on nerves causing pain and tingling.Very serious. Causes- Either Genetic or trauma related. Cure-Blunt dissection removal. I do believe they are associated with obesity and aid in fat producing around them. AKA the snowball down hill factor and I seemed to build up fat around them. When they were removed every time I lost weight after, about 15-20lbs and the fat around them. Rapid weight gain does not cause them but for sure aids in their growth. Picking and prodding them does make them harder but how can a person stop with such an affliction. Last but not least Doctors are very dismissing of these and I have had to be aggressive and nonwaving to them that they cause me pain and I want them removed I think doctors have to treat this as a disease. Something is not right if your body is producing foreign bodies. I don't know why they are so dismissive but I think it has to do with insurance companies. They are mentioned in the bible and if I remember correctly Moses was said to have them.
You are approaching 50, the
You are approaching 50, the age apparently Dercum's is first noticed, for most. Many believe porous, leaky, veins, allow more interstitial fluid to build up in the body, and with it more toxins, and other proteins, that some bodies overreact to. IMHO, anything you can do to reduce inflammation, and avoid it, will help. My sister has them, too.
acupuncture cupping therapy
Six months ago I started acupuncture cupping therapy to treat them as well as my varicose veins. The acupuncturist told me the lipoma’s are the result of poor blood circulation – so are varicose veins. I also have low blood pressure. I have not noticed any new lipomas in the last six months and the existing ones have not grown so that’s good news! Has anyone tried cupping therapy? I’m going to go see a naturalpathic doctor as well to see if there’s anything I can take to at least minimize the growth. I’m a big proponent of alternative medicine and believe there’s a ‘natural cure’ – just need to find it. I’ve had two lumps surgically removed only to have them grow back less than two years later in the exact same spot. I am not overweight, drink two cups of coffee per day, one glass of red wine per day, exercise three times per week and eat very healthy. So, I personally believe (my) lipomas are genetic (my mother has them). I am 46 and got my first one in my 20’s. I now have more than 20 mostly on my thighs and growing by size and numbers.
Genetics, my best guess
Yes, I believe so. Both my sister I have it, Dercum's manifested itself in our 50's. After reaching the tender age of 17 we separately started living on different coast, all away across the country.
herbal treatment
I think it's genetic.My father used to have a lot of lipomas.He had it removed by surgery.I now have 3 lipomas now,one on my arm,my back and upper thighs.I decided to try first some herbal treatments first before considering surgery.I've been using a chickweed ointment now for 2 weeks and just recently order this lipobalm frm thailand.Not sure if these two treatments gonna work though.I just hope it will.dont want to get some scars from surgery.I hate this condition!
I don't think Lipomas are caused by Alcohol, Coffee, or Chocolate. I am 46, and never drank alcohol of any type, never drank coffee, and rarely ever have chocolate. I started noticing lipomas in my mid 30's, and now at 46 I have about 20 of them (some on my arms, thighs, lower stomach, and one in my neck.) Prior to age 37 I weighed about 140 lbs (average) from age 17 - 36 at 6 feet tall. So I was very skinny and still skinny when I started noticing only a few small lipomas. After age 36 and for the past 10 years I have been lifting weights a lot, and gaining muscle mass, and a little fat, and more lipomas increasing in size, and I have a healthy diet and often drink raw fruit raw veggie smoothies mixed with whole grain oats and whey protein isolate and water, and I exercise regularily, and have maintained a stress free life and the same body weight for the past 9 years (between 170 lbs - 180 which is about average for my height). I do eat whey protein as my main protein source which is dairy. But I use fat free and cholesterol free whey protein isolate. I am not a vegan and I have turkey and fish now and again. But I don't think anything in my diet is causing lipomas. I don't think intense workinging out or muscle gain, or even fat causes lipomas because people my age who workout harder than me don't have lipomas, and most overweight people don't have lipomas. Most alcoholics don't have lipomas and most Coffee addicts don't have lipomas, and most people with the worse diet in the world don't have lipomas. So it must be heredity. But I don't know. I guess no one really knows what causes them.
hello I am a 58 yr old man just recently diagnosed with carcinoid cancer ,diabetes and neuropathy I had a large lipoma removed from the back of my knee it was the scaryest looking thing i beleive myself they may be from my use of statin's for colesterol i used liptor for a ;ong time now i use lisinopril i use simvastatin to theu help with colesterol i'll let you know it they grow back
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I Agree
The original post asked, "Does anyone know if Lipoma's are caused by certain foods in your diet?" The answer is no. My reply was meant as a warning about false claims. There is nothing wrong with trying unproven things when you have researched the claims. Rare disease sufferers are prime targets for scams. (I have Dercums). If there is some logic behind why something would help, we would be fools not to try it. But if extraordinary claims are made, extraordinary evidence should be required. :)
right action
My recent experience
I agree with sarsparilla. Giving up and believing there is nothing I can do is not an option. For the last year, I've been doing ayurveda. I'm not sure the lipomas are changing, although sometimes they do seem smaller. My wife thinks so. But the biggest thing is that I haven't been subject to the despair around them recently. I feel more accepting and okay with having them. There is one thing I do, putting castor oil on every lipoma, then showering, that makes the lipomas feel less hard. I would do that daily if I had the time. Who knows! Losing the despair has been a relief, anyway. Also, a couple therapies I've tried, this one included, say the liver isn't properly metabolizing fat. So it makes sense that drinking wouldn't help (stressing the liver). Wishing relief to everyone, DIATH
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Doing Anything is Better than Doing Nothing

Until a proven therapy is available, I will keep trying unproven therapies. No cure and no treatment is a no go, for me. I need to take action in my life, and attempt to control my situation, whatever it is.

Update: alcohol seems to exacerbate the lipoma in the heel of my foot. After I have 3+ drinks of alcohol, I can feel that bone aching. It usually doesn't ache at all.

So, yet another reason to stay off the sauce!

Cause of Lipomas
The cause of lipomas is not known and there is no known treatment to prevent them or affect their growth. If anyone tries to sell you on a diet (or anything else), ask to see the published peer reviewed science that backs up their claims. They won't be able to produce it, it doesn't exist.
keep me posted plse

hello evelyn,

                    if you can let me know how that goes im a male so i dont know if that makes a different but im desperate i have about 30 most of them noticable. i never tried anything so im just trying to see what route to take.

Liver function.

Thanks Evelyn.

You just gave me some extra validation to what my doctor said. He said they are related to poor liver function.

I have 6 atm. He suggested NAC or SAMe for my liver. I'm still going to get them removed eventully. I'm not sure if you can shrink them once they're already there.

Dercums, not likely, you are so lucky

One or two lipomas, is probably nothing to worry about, really.  I have hundreds and hundreds that formed over the last 5 years or so.  And, I am 56.  Most of mine are pea size, but I have 5 that are getting up there in size, golf ball, peach size.  

Under doctor's direction, I have taken Tagamet, and NAC (both over the counter), and had great success at reducing the size tumors and even "dissolving" lipomas.  Long term, Tagamet can interfere with absorption of calcium (not good).  The combo really helped with the pain, and neurological shocks I would feel, mostly at bedtime, a miracle, in my eyes at the time.  After years of using this great combo, I got my first negative bone density test showing with early signs of osteopenia (sp?).  Have been off the combo for 6 months, and tumors have grown, gotten denser and I have a whole lot more.  Ugh!  

My doctor's are going to have me try a 4 month trial of Methotrexate (low to mid dose).  , Will keep you posted if you would like, but I really think a couple of lipomas is nothing to worry about. Lucky you!

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Weight Lifting - Really?

I'm 41 and am just getting my first lipomas. Two this year. One small one on my upper arm and one large one in my heel bone (they found it by x-ray).

I've been vegetarian for 15 years, mostly vegan for some of those years, drink a lot of alcohol and coffee and chocolate, and am about 30 pounds overweight. I've been lifting weights since I was a kid. I hope that isn't a risk factor because it's the only exercise I enjoy besides running, and injuries keep me off my feet a lot.

So, thanks for all the tips! I'm going back to strict veganism, losing weight and cutting back on the aforementioned food items.

I have read some things about resveratrol and lecithin preventing mature fat cells from forming. I'm pushing large doses. Anyone else tried it?



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