Chickweed oil

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Chickweed oil

seems to offer some relief

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Chickweed pills and fast..
Hello, How did the chickweed pills and fast work? Thanks so much!
results are good i havent had
results are good i havent had any new ones on have noticed some reduction in lumps i do 2 pills before bed any more than that and it bothers the tummy , you could do 2 at lunch with food
chickweed pills for lipomas
I am getting ready to try chickweed pills to knock down my lipomas. I had 12-13 cut out 2 years ago. I am going to try the chickweed just because I can't imagine getting surgery every few years. I'd much rather do it naturally. I had a large one come in on my hip and I think it's affecting the blood circulation in my leg. It tingles every now and then and feels slightly numb. I plan to go on a juice fast for 15-60 days and take chickweed pills at the same time. I hope to cleanse and purge my body from the inside out. I'll let you know my progress.
it seems to work best on
it seems to work best on smaller ones if there that big just get them cut out
Chickweed Pills

How are the Chickweed pills working?

I have 2 lipomas, a golf ball sized one on my neck and another on my back.

I have been taking 4 Turmeric capsules a day for 3 weeks and have noticed no change at all.

I want to try the Chickweed pills.




chickweed oil

 hello fello lumpy poeple the oil works best on soft gelatin masses than hard lumps rubing oil on infected area  , i call it stinky oil because of its smell , i recently bought some chickweed pills and i have noticed a lot of reduction in size whitch for me is a lot i have hundreds  im going to order more pills and increse the dosage ive been taking just one pill a day they recomend 3 its relativly inexspensive ,

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