Can shoulder lipomas cause back aches and pains?

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Can shoulder lipomas cause back aches and pains?

Hi I have a large lipoma on my shoulder blade, about 8cm by 3cm. I have started to get a lot of aches and pain in my back and my arm. I also get tingling around the area. Sometimes I feel hunched over and wondered if it is caused by it. Can anyone give me any advice please. Thankyou.

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I have a large one in almost

I have a large one in almost the exact same area with very similar dimensions.  It doesn't hurt very much at all unless I use the muscles around there alot (eg: after several of  weeks of swimming laps, or when I sit with bad posture for too long and lean on my elbows).   I think this pain is just caused by friction.  More severe pain can happen when a lipoma forms on a cluster of nerve cells.   I have one like that on my upper thigh.  Sometimes, the pain spreads so that even my femur (thigh bone) is aching badly.  Streching seems to provide minor relief, but it doesn't always work.   I've never had a tingling sensation.  It's possible that the lipoma is pressing on a nerve or obstructing bloodflow, that could cause tingling.   Either way, it soulds like a candidate for surgery that your insurance should cover.

The sensation of pain is caused by a localized neurotransmitter signal that can spread chemically through the body if is isn't re-absorbed quickly enough, that is why pain felt in one part of the body is often caused in a another.  The back is probably more mysterious because the nerve centers are less dense than anywhere else on the body and therefore the pain source is harder to pinpoint.  Nearly all of my lipomas will ache from time to time.  I haven't really figured out the "why" of it.   They do seem to go up and down in size a little bit and the pain seems somewhat associated with a change in either direction. 

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