How to get rid of lipomas

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Always Learning
How to get rid of lipomas

I have had several lipomas for the last 2 years. About ping pong ball size - mostly on my midsection with smaller ones on my thighs.Lately these have been growing and multiplying. I was dismayed to read that they will usually return after being removed surgically and so I decided to try a natural course of action. 

I read about applying oils and herbal remedies. I have not done this myself BUT I have hit upon something which I believe is extremely effective.

For the last week ( yes, that's all ) I have been drinking up to 3 glasses of hot or warm water with a good squeeze of lemon juice added. I have always known that this drink is great for cleansing internally and after reading that the lipomas could be a result of my liver not flushing out toxins etc I decided to try it.

Since starting this regimen I say with absolute honesty that these horrible lumps are shrinking VISIBLY and are much less noticeable. I am confident that they are being flushed out with this simple but really effective remedy. By the way I'm using pure lemon juice NOT the reconstituted stuff.

Please give this a try. You may save yourself a lot of money and feel much better all round.




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Happy to know that this simple and less cheap remedy is effective. What time of the day should I drink the lemon mixture? Morning or evening? Should I take all three glasses one time? Please reply...Thank you. - wilmar
Just want to add to this that
Just want to add to this that it could very well work. I will explain why I say could soon. About 4 months ago I changed to a soy heavy diet. Nearly everything I ate was soy. As a consequence I underwent a lipoma explosion. I went from maybe 20 to over 50 and gained over 10 pounds. Needless to say I got in a fit of depression before reading just how awful soy was for you. More so for men then women. In my desperation to get rid of them I saw this method as well as a few others and I thought what the hell. It can't hurt you like some vitamin supplements can. So here is what I did. I erased soy from my diet. I went fruit and veggie heavy. Lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks and was back to normal. I then used the following methods that I have seen producing results - lemon juice. I use about a 4th a lemon a day. (ALWAYS rinse your mouth brush your teeth immediately after doing this. The acid will wreck your teeth otherwise) - I saw carrots could help. So every day I have a handful of baby carrots. - I saw vitamin supplements can help. I went with a safe one and used One a day for men. I have a very hard time trusting some of the off the wall ones recommended as they can be extremely dangerous. Results. Shocking. I ignored the lipomas for about a month. The reason for this is it's much more difficult to notice a change if you pester them every day. I did a lipoma sweep at the end of the month. Out of those 50 lipomas, all but 8 shrank noticeably. Of those 8 left, all were softer. By noticably I mean a reduction of usually half or more in size. It was incredible. I had one go from the thickness of my thumb to that of a pencil. Now I can't say what led to the change as I mixed a bunch of things. All I know is a I got results. I will keep using all 3 methods and will actually try the caster oil one of the heck of it and see if anything comes from that. By that I mean you put caster oil on the lipoma and supposedly it shrinks it. Regardless if these fail for anyone reading this or not, it at least makes you healthier in a safe manner. At the end of the day that is still a great thing to take away if your lipomas do not shrink.
Ethen can you be more specific...
Why type of homeopathy? What medicines are you taking? I thought extra virgin coconut oil was good for tumor reduction? You say reduced fats help. Also I though red meat contributes to their formation and you say non-veggie will help the body overall. Please help =/ Thank you!
Try Homeopathy it works and is working as i type !!!!
It works....and believe me no internet marketing It really works - rather working for me, if it works for me i am sure it can work for many many many out there.. Only thing is its a game of heart rather than need to follow medicine for 12-18 or may be 36 months ! But benefits: a) New ones will stop coming after 5-6 months b) Slowly the hard bottom shell part will give way and c) They start becoming soft d) Then reduce in size e) Few smaller ones will start to pain and suddenly shrink off f) Larger ones will beoming very soft and depending on how serious Lipoma is already spread it will take time and reduce it in size (If you are lucky it will disappear as well) The moment you realize its becoming soft/smaller/existing painful lipoma's no longer pain Thats when your heart should tell your brain continue the treatment... Liquor/Smoking/Fat/Thin/Veggie/Non-Veggie - Nothing effects it...steady take of homeopathy Reduced Liqour/Smoking/Fats/Non-Veggie (Meat) will help the body overall.
Has this continued to work?

Hi Always Learning,

Have you had further success with this please?, your post was a while ago now therefore have you still seen the lumps shrinking further.

I would seriously try this painless approach if yes :)

Progress Monitoring

Hello Always Learning - I would be interested to know the progress of your treatment over time. Best of luck.

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