Lipomas: Has anyone tried and had success with applying iodine or castor oil?

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Lipomas: Has anyone tried and had success with applying iodine or castor oil?

Has anyone tried and had success with applying iodine or castor oil?  ST

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hello.. do u solve u r lymph
hello.. do u solve u r lymph node problem
are u know any treatment for
are u know any treatment for lipoma..?
lymph node problem
hi frnds i am also suffer from lymph node problem from last 4-5 years.i have too much on my fore arms also on hole body.please anyone suggest me a right natural treatment.i also read a article about apple cider vinger and some natural medicine if anyone know about this pls tell me or conatctme
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hi guys, i been using castor
hi guys, i been using castor oil for couple of helps for me to maximize the size of my lipoma when i stopped using it i felt its growing again and getting bigger.
Hello Klaus,
What is the name of the natural balm that can dissolve lipomas? Thank you <3
Naresh Jain
Dude you not alone we all here suffer with lipoma. No point being sad (I know its easy said then done) But we need to put up brave face. Between I suffer from Lipoma too.I ve nearly 50 of it all over my body in different shapes and size. To top it up I am also suffering from Ulcerative Colities. Just read some post saying Castor Oil helps so lets try and see if it helps us. Cheers!!!! Naresh.
Large lipoma on outer thighs
Hello I'm new here And would like to share my experience with lipoma. I have a lipoma on my right and left outer hip however the right side is worse its bigger than the left side and hang lower. Both make make me look wide and out of shape giving me "0" self esteem as i have been mocked all my life with a "big ass washing machine" or i have a kangkang.... i also find it very difficult to fit into any trousers. I have had a liposuction done 3 years ago and I think it was a waste of $$ the lipoma hav grown back (I'm not sure they did a good job with the liposuction anyway coz after 6 months I was not satisfied with the results). I'm so desperate I have reading stories and I just don't no which is the better option. This lipoma have destroyed my self esteem, self conscious every time I stand infront of anyone I think they are looking at my wide butt. I have also been called "big ears". To this date, I'm still unhappy and self conscious bout the way I look with lipoma on my hips. I just want to look normal..... The size lipoma I have on my right outer hip is like half a volley ball shape, on my left side is elongated and not so obvious....however still contribute to width of my "pear shape" figure. FRUSTRATING AND SAD!!!
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Suggest me for Lipoma
Dear Friends , Please suggest me which is good medicine for Lipoma. i'm suffering with many years..
All izz Well
Drawing comparrisons
Hi Benz, I was really interested in what you had to say, especially the comparison of Vitamin D. I have tested as deficient in Vitamin D many times. I have created a form where I want to create the largest database of people with this condition and try to draw comparisons. I would be very interested to hear your progress with castor oil. You can email me at lipomastudy AT laverita dot co dot uk. Fond wishes, Robbie
castor oil
I've used castor oil before but didn't work.I'm using chickwood ointment now.I did some research that it's more effective than castor oil..
castor oil
Hi Guys, I am new to this group. I am 25 years old, female from canada. I got my first lipoma around the age of 10 and I sort of knew what it was because my mom had them. The first one appeared on my forearm but it didnt bother me as it never really grew much but then I got another one which started to grow but not drastically until recently and I started to grow a few of them over my thighs and upper arms (none of them are visible besides the one on my forearm) I started to do a lot of research and i came across this group with various things people had said and i tumbled upon the topic of Castor oil. So, long story short its been about 3 days that i have been applying castor oil to my lipomas.. the visible one seems to have gone down (not by much yet) but it definitely has gone down in swelling and the ones on my thighs use to sort of pinch and hurt, that has definitely lowered as well. I have not applied castor oil regularly, i try but due to the constraints of school and work, i havent been able to keep up with the three times a day remedy. However, what i am trying to say is, Castor Oil seems to be helping. I am also looking to start drinking turmeric with milk and see what happens. thats all for me, and no i did not take any pics because i like to pretend my lipoma is not there or it really bothers me a lot :) lol ill keep u all informed as i continue to apply castor oil as much as i can see u all, Myra :)
Check your liver...
See if any of this hits home ... ST

hello klaus/anyone

                      just signed into this site. i have about 30 lipomas(stomach,legs,arms and back)very noticeable. any progress in this study that was started in 03/2011. i havent tried anything yet besides surgery but i have 9 scars already and not looking to get anymore.Im going to start castor oil and lemon juice with warm water after reading some post just to see.NEED HELP!!!

Hi,I am having a huge lipoma


I am having a huge lipoma lump on my back. I am not interested in surgeries since i have heard these things keep coming back. However, i did read your comment above, so wanted to know, how has the progress been for the past 6 months? It would be great if you could help........:)

shabir hussain
i am suffering and i hear your looking for patients?

Hello Klaus,

I am suffering from lipoma and i have them on my back, stomach, arms and other parts of my body. I see your looking for patients and i seriously need your help please get in contact with me as soon as possible. please an thanks.





Please could you e-mail me some pictures of your improvements as I am trying the castor oil remedy as well. I will appreciate it dearly.


Thank You

Lipoma On Right Shoulder

I have a lipoma on my right shoulder and it has been growing for the last three years, I am trying the castor oil remedy and praying hard that it does work. If I'm successful you will surely hear from me. 


Good Luck to all of you!



keep us informed

hi shetawk

happy for you!  keep me and all informed. 



Two big ones dissappeared

Two big ones disappeared after I began treatment with an alternative MD. 

My guess it was the "Quintessence" ( a bitter herbal cure-all)  he prescribed; maybe the garlic and chlorella, too.

lipomas and heredity

hello all,  im new here but many years with multiple lipomas.  had two major surgeries over the years with at least 100 or so removed.  i now  have many new ones , some growing back right next to the barely visible scar.

i read many of the posts here and of course, I am as distressed as any about these lumps.  does anyone have an opinion about if heridity vs them just popping up as isolated cases within a family?

my grandmother and my mom both had them and i am the only one out of 4 siblings who have these.  so are all these remidies such as castor oil and homeopathy pointless for me?

thanks much to all


Castor Oil??

Thank you for your update.  We will be watching for future posts from you.

Castor Oil

Shetawk and Lea,

Sorry about taking a few days to follow up with you.  I guess I should start by explaining my 3 stage/ 6 week test to determine if the Castor Oil is indeed working--

-Weeks 1 and 2 - I applied Castor Oil alone covering the entire lipoma (including a 1/2 inch perimeter around the lipoma) three times a day for 14 days.  The application was left uncovered when possible.  **Castor Oil packs were used to protect clothing and maintain integrity of the application area.  I maintained normal diet and activity.  I observed noticeable success at the end of this period.

-Weeks 3 and 4 - This is the period that ends tonight actually.  I stopped applying Castor Oil for this period to help determine if it was indeed helping. I maintained normal diet and activity through this period as well.  I observed no change during this period.  Weeks 3 and 4 photo entry shows no change compared to weeks 1 and 2.

-Weeks 5 and 6 - This is the period I have been dreading.  I am going to treat my large lipoma with Castor Oil 3 times daily simliar to weeks 1 and 2.  In addition I plan to alter my daily diet and activity quite a bit.  I am going to treat my lipoma as if it is any other unwanted fat in my body.  I will not consume more than 2,000 calories and will exercie a minimum of 1 hour a day.

I understand my plan for weeks 5 and 6 sounds a bit ridiculous.  I just want to test every possible angle.  All seriousness aside for a moment, I am so thrilled that Castor Oil has worked for me as much as it has so far.  If anyone is interested in trying Castor Oil I want you to keep two things in mind. 1) Everyones body is different.  What works for me may not work for you. 2) Don't let the need for instant gratification get in the way of your goal.  DO NOT stop using Castor Oil after 2 or 3 days of application simply because you do not see improvements right away.  In weeks 1 and 2 I did not see improvement until day 10.

*Warning* What I am about to write is pure speculation.  In all of my research I have noticed one commonality between a lot of people suffering from these fatty tumors.  People who grow lipomas seem to also suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.  ***Vitamin D is responsible for the modulation of cell growth (the regulation of size).  In weeks 1 and 2 I did have a lot of sun exposure. Vitamin D3 is produced in the skin from 7-dehydrocholesterol by UV radiation.  I still believe Castor Oil is the main catalyst, but I have a new theory to run with if my third stage comes up short.

I apologize for writing a novel.  I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. I hope that I have helped in some way.


** Use the link for information on making Castor Oil packs.  Warm water bottles are not necessary, but can prove helpfull with circulation.

*** explains Vitamin D in depth.

Thai Herb

To Klaus-

Can you clarify somewhat about your experience with that Thai herb?

You said that overall the trial failed but at the same time you said you got rid of one lipoma? Can you explain that for me a bit better?

I`ve never tried that Thai herb but I can get some from a supplier in Thailand much cheaper then the ones offered on that unhelpful website. I plan on getting some to try it out myself.



Castor oil

Hi all-

I have suffered with Lipomas for over 15 years. I got many of them very quickly over a relatively short period of time and luckily they seemed to have stopped forming new ones. I had 8 surgically removed leaving me about 15.

 I am grateful they have stopped forming but have not been happy having the 20 lipomas left. I wanted to find a natural way to get rid of these things. Tried a few things but all to no avail with the possible exception of the one time I went onto a strict Atkins diet. A few but not all my lipomas did get visably smaller during the strictest part of the diet however progress stopped when returning to my normal diet routine. From this experience I feel too many carbs or the wrong kind of carbs can contribute to forming lipomas at least for some people. It is vital to find a way to stop new ones from forming in the 1st place.

One week ago I bought some organic Castor Oil and applied it daily to my largest lipoma trying my best to keep it wet with the oil all day.  It measured about 1.5 cm x 2.5. A week down the road now and it is getting smaller. Can't declare a victory yet but the signs are positive. The low cost and safety of this treatment makes it worth trying out. Keep in mind that I am keeping my lipoma covered in oil all day more or less so those that just want to put on a wee dab in the evenings will have to expect things to take much longer.

I'll let you know how it goes as time goes on.


thanks and good luck to all.

Castor Oil

Thank you for your  response. 

Did you use a specific protocol or just rub it on? 

Maybe there's a place on this site to upload photos.



Castor Oil

Hello BenZ,

Did you just used Castor Oil or a mix of Castor Oil and an other thing. Did you use it warm or cold ? Did you massaging the lipoma with it or applied on a cotton during long time ?


Thank you.

Have a good day,


I am currently using Castor oil.


I know this post is a couple months old, but I wanted to share with you anyway.  I have been testing castor oil on myself and keeping a photo/written journal.  I have two lipoma. The first is small (2 cm width) and kept untreated.  The second 'was' abnormally large (10.5 cm width 2-3 cm height) and currently is being treated with castor oil.  So far, the lipoma being treated with castor oil is showing significant improvements (the large lipoma seems to have lost at least 40% of it's original mass).  The untreated lipoma has shown no change.  If you need photo proof let me know. I will be glad to share.

Balm treatment

Dear Lea,

at this stage I can not recommend this balm, because  we have not finished the tests, which had started in January 2011 after several Ultrasound tests were made. So far, on "half the way" braek where an Ultrasound test was made, had observed, that a Lipom on the Upper arm has disappeared. All other 3 Lipomas in the thighs, which are may be lying deaper are still on treatment as we have extend the time of massage. The next ultrasound test is planed in mid of May

At the moment we have 3 person involved.

please contact me, if you like on: or email




I have a big fibrolipoma

Hello Klaus,

where can we find this balm ? I have a big fibrolipoma. I tried a lot of cures. I need help.


Thank you very much,


Am I right...@

Hallo Jeremy,


sorry, you are wrong! I have no financial interests, but I'm doing this study and others, to help other people and me,too. Believe it or not, such people are still alive! I'm a pensioner

If you have any specific question, please let me know

Am I right to assume you have

Am I right to assume you have a financial interest in this mystery balm? If so please let people know.


Hi shetawk

as I mentoned it here, we are testing this since January 11. I know the ingredients, because the manufacturer is providing us the product for all the tests . The tests will run til May, when new Ultrasonds have to be taken. After this time we are able to make a public statement



No, I haven't tried castor

No, I haven't tried castor oil or iodine; saw it on net and wondered whether it worked for anyone.


Were you told the ingredients in balm?

Lipoma Test

Hello Shetawk,

please tell me have you used successfully iodine and casor oil to get rid of Lipoma? Really? I cann't believe it.

Tests are running since January 11. First from all Lipomas were Ultrasound test made. The first test finished on the 28. of February. Again an Ultrasound test was made and the Lipoma 1.00 cm x 2.00 cm x 2.5 cm was disappeared.

The new test of Lipoma on thighs have started on 29.03.

All tests are conducted by medical professionals in Perth, Western Australia. I'm the founder also of the forum in German. See also my blogs: www.



Who is conducting study? Where?

I use castor oil for many conditions:

Good for you.  Who is conducting study?  Where?

castor oil and idone



both are perfectly unsuccessful to treat lipoma. How came up with this idea? Forget it totally!!!





Hello Shetawk,

no, but at the moment a study is on the way how a natural balm can disappear Lipomas. So far one Lipoma (Upper arm) has disappeared in 4 weeks time of treatment. All Lipoma were found by Ultrasound before and after only three were left (thighs) The treatment is going ahead.



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