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Health Insurance Coverage

I wanted to see if anyone out there has had luck with insurance covering the cost of surgery to remove the lipomas?   I have about 20-30 on my upper thighs that I would like to get removed.  I haven't done anything yet because I fear that my insurance will not cover the cost. 

Anyone have ideas on how we can get insurance to do this?  I mean, this is what we pay insurance for, right?

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CIGNA covered mine

For both surgeries, I just went to see the doctor to remove them because they pressed on my arm's nerves.   I didn't have to pay anything.   If it's dehabilitating then it should be covered under insurance.

My 1st surgery years ago had 2 removed, the 2nd surgery this year had 8 removed.  Both surgeries on arms.

The scar from 1st surgery lightens to the point you can't really tell.    Scar ranges from 0.5 to 0.75 inches.   I prefer to take them out when they grow fast.


I've had a few removed a my doctor has informed me that insurance doesn't cover lipoma removal due to the fact that they see it as a cosmetic procedure. 

But, if you have a good doctor like mine, he will not list it as a lipoma but as a tumor that needed to be removed.  I believe there is a specific code they use that is covered by insurance companies.  Mine have all been covered. 

Hope this helps.


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