Brain Tumor --- Lipoma?

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Brain Tumor --- Lipoma?

I was diagnosed with a Lipoma measuring 6 x 4 mm in the left occipital convexity about 2 1/2 years ago after having an MRI for migraines. My neurologist just said that it was a fatty tumor, it's not causing my headaches and he is basically not worried about it, however he wants to monitor it every couple years.

I have MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. It seems there is not much research on Lipomas, especially in the brain.

I still suffer from headaches (minor to major) almost daily and have some other symptoms that may or may not be occasional blurry vision, loss of balance and/or dizziness.

If a Lipoma CAN cause pain elsewhere, why can't it cause headaches?
What symptoms should I watch for with it being in the left occipital convexity?
Should I get a second opinion or just go with what I have?
Should it be removed?

Has anyone else had a lipoma in the same location?

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Brain Tumor and then some.

In 1997 I also had a brain tumor...fatty tissue (lipoma). It was pushing on my optic nerve. Went and got an eye exam...they knew something was not right and sent me to a very good neuro opthamologist. He sent me to neurologist. Removal was fine. Results were damage to and perhaps destruction of my pituitary gland (where the tumor was). Also the troubled eye was now fine and good eye now troubled (loss of peripheral vision). Developed epilepsy a few years back...most likely from surgery. In 2000 another lipoma appeared. This time on lower back/ spine. Symptoms were stumbling & clumsiness. Surgery again removed the tissue. Now another tumor has appeared. This time on my right upper arm. Not very large, but enough to notice. Endrocrinologist says leave it alone until there is pain or problem. That is three of these at different times within about 10 years. Odd. Bad thing is with so many things I no longer have health insurance as they priced me out. Looking at options...risk pool etc. Found great "coupons" online that reduce my meds 75% so that has worked out.

second opinion

Hi Joymaker!

Im surely not a specialist but if I were you  I would get a second opinion, as it may or may not be related to lipoma.I think anyone should get a second opinion if its a serious matter.

Youre right on the money when you said theres not much research on them.I myself have many of them and am very irritated by them. Now that you mentioned the occasional  blurry vision~ Ive never associated that with lipomas, but I get occasional blurry vision too.As you see, I have many unanswered questions also.

After several surgeries (lost count) and turning to all types of alternative medicines and all else that failed, Ive recently had a huge one surgically removed from my arm.The only difference this time is that I went to a plastic surgeon, and they seemed to put more time and care into it.

Anyway, as far as getting yours removed, I wait to seeresults of the second or even third opinion.Good luck & hope it all works out for you!


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